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It's never too late to rewrite your health story.

We’re a nutrition and lifestyle-first clinic that brings together a doctor, dietitian and coach team to support your journey to weight loss and better health.

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You've seen the success stories. You know the low carb keto lifestyle can naturally improve your health. You've got a tonne of motivation. Yet... there's something missing.

All the “must follow” copy-paste formulas, the "information," and the online forums are just a Google search away. But the reason they're not getting where you want to be? Because they're no match for trustworthy, science-backed and truly personalised advice.

The thing is, the path that leads to low carb nutrition is different for everyone. And while everyone's different, almost anyone can experience significant health benefits with a low carb lifestyle.

What you really need is a personalised roadmap. Even better if it's led by an experienced team that supports your choices and has the evidence to support your treatment recommendations.

Enter...the Low Carb Keto Health team, the safe pair of hands you've been looking for.

For the first 5 or 6 years, I was making a point of not spending money or being sold to; I intentionally avoided all that. But then I got to a point where I failed and needed help. I knew so much about keto but knew I still needed help. After my very first contact, I knew I was in safe hands straight away.

– Patient

A holistic way of looking at nutritional and lifestyle therapy

Our signature approach blends medically supervised nutrition therapy with a well-timed dose of coaching to support you on your journey to better health.

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Medical management

Someone who takes the time to understand your personal health. With a comprehensive schedule of medical testing and a personalised nutrition-first treatment plan,  our doctor supports you safely towards improved metabolic health. 

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Nutrition therapy

Swap the detoxes, juice fasts and toxic diet culture for real, nutrient dense food. Our dietitian teaches you how to make this a lifestyle, with personalised low carb nutrition plans to help you either return to, or stay in, good health.

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Behavioural support

Change is hard, but with a health coach at your side, you’ll have someone to turn to for guidance, encouragement, and accountability as you navigate new behaviours and habits. 

Rub shoulders with our expertise

There's support for everyone. Whether you’re interested in an individual consultation to check-in on your health or you're ready to going all in with a holistic life and wellness program, we’re here to help you on your low carb keto health journey.

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Individual Consultation

Individual one-on-one consultations with our expert Low Carb Doctor or Dietitian team to kickstart, restart or review your personal health journey.

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12-Week Program 

An all-inclusive medical, nutrition therapy and lifestyle change program delivered by our expert doctor, dietitian and health coach team.

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Practice Collaboration

A unique clinic collaboration program for Health Professionals ready embed low carb nutrition and lifestyle services into their Practice. 

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Hungry for more?

Keto medical publications and research

Resource hub

Get up to date on the latest research, dive into our evidence-based insights for your specific health journey, and get inspired by our collection of delicious low carb recipes... all designed to help optimise your health and wellness.

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We do metabolic health, differently

Medically supervised

Medically supervised targeted lifestyle modifications under the guidance of a Doctor who is continually reviewing your health.

Personalised management

With our patient-centred approach, we tailor your treatment plan to your unique health goals. It's not a 'one and done' either; it's reviewed and adjusted as you make progress.

A holistic approach

We teach you how to optimise your nutrition for better metabolic function and weight management, and provide lifestyle coaching for you to achieve your wellness goals.

Integrated care

Tired of explaining your history and treatment plan to different health providers? Enjoy an integrated approach where our multidisciplinary in-house team of low carb professionals work together to support you.

Find your people

Whether it's in our private Facebook group or our monthly online connection sessions, there's a community waiting to help you succeed.

Scientific approach

No guesswork here. We use comprehensive pathology testing, sophisticated body composition analysis, and a detailed medical history to develop scientifically validated, personalised treatments.

Can we help rewrite your health story?

A low carb or ketogenic diet is beneficial in supporting a range of chronic health and lifestyle conditions, including:

If you're ready to take control of your metabolic health and experience true wellness, making an appointment is the only thing you need to do…

Virtual and in-person appointments

Before your first appointment, we gather vital information on your health concerns, medications, medical history, dietary habits and lifestyle factors.

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