12 Week Life + Wellness Program

Ready to go all in with personalised care as you kickstart your health journey, manage your weight or take control of chronic disease?

Our next-level program to take control of your health, for good.

  • All inclusive program following initial doctor and dietitian consultations
  • Combining medicine, nutrition and behaviour change
  • Delivered collaboratively by our doctor, dietitian and health coach team
  • One-on-one, in person or tele-health consultations and sessions
12 week keto diet program - health and wellness

Holistic medicine, nutrition and behavioural change: where the real magic happens

There's no doubt that what you put in your mouth is important. BUT we also know that there's so much more at play when it comes to your health and life journey.

Managing the emotional aspects of lifestyle change are crucial for long-term life and health success. Few people can do it without a collaborative therapeutic alliance, a personalised plan, and structured coaching check-ins.

In this highly personalised program you’ll get all that, with regular consultations and sessions with one of our fabulous team - your low carb doctor, dietitian and health coach.

So why 12 weeks? Because 12 weeks is a sweet spot for cementing lasting lifestyle changes and developing internal resources so you are armed with all you need to keep it going for good.

Let's get started...

“So happy to finally find a clinic and healthcare team who aim for disease prevention, and not just writing a prescription for a drug and kicking me out in under 5 mins! Amazed at the time spent explaining the evidence, and ensuring I understood my treatment path, to aid me in lifestyle modification to decrease my risk of disease in later life.”

Happy client

What’s included

We've jam packed this program full of value, with all the monitoring, education, support and accountability you'll need on your journey to better health and wellness.

4 x Doctor consultations

One on one consultations with a low carb doctor, starting with an initial assessment, moving into a detailed treatment plan, followed by review of results.

Health testing and monitoring

With detailed pathology and before and after body composition analysis to track your transformation inside and out, we will have our eyes on your health and explain exactly what the results mean for you.

5 x dietitian consultations

Including a nutrition assessment, development of an evidence-based personalised plan and regular progress review.

Personalised meal plan

A 21 day meal plan, designed and written by an Australian Accredited Practising Dietitian based on what your body needs and what you love to eat.

8 x health coaching sessions

To support, track and troubleshoot to keep your motivation high and your habits healthy.


To support you throughout the program, including a blood glucose and ketone monitoring system.


A supply of magnesium supplements to help keep your energy high, your blood sugar regulated and your immune system supported.


A private Facebook community for support, recipe sharing, education, and useful tips.

How your 12 weeks of support unfolds

  • Weeks 1-4
  • Initial program discovery session
  • 3 x weekly coach check-in sessions
  • Doctor review consultation
  • Blood glucose and ketone monitoring system
  • Dietitian review
  • Weeks 5-8
  • 2 x coach check-in sessions
  • Bio-Impedance body composition scan
  • Doctor review
  • 2 x dietitian reviews
  • 21 day personalised low carb/ketogenic meal plan
  • Weeks 9-12
  • 2 x coach check-in sessions
  • 2 x doctor review consultations
  • Bio-Impedance body composition scan
  • Detailed pathology review
  • 2 x dietitian reviews
low carb keto diet for type 2 diabetes and other medical conditions

By joining the 12 Week Program, you will:

  • Be supported and monitored by professional, qualified experts
  • Learn the sustainable, science backed way of eating to reduce chronic illness, manage weight and improve overall wellness
  • Be empowered with all the tools and skills you need for sustainable lifestyle changes
  • Know how to eat in a way that nourishes you, free from punishment, guilt and fad diets
  • Learn how and why nutrition affects the body — and how the right food can help you feel more revitalised and energised
  • Have the time to make lasting lifestyle change so that you can put it into action, stay consistent and get results
  • Be part of a community of amazing people who are cheering you on
  • Know exactly how much to budget for from the outset (thanks to an all-inclusive program)

An investment in YOU!

  • PLUS program bonuses
  • 12-month access to online program resources
  • Life and wellness worksheets and tools
  • Low carb dietitian approved recipes and meal plans
  • Research papers and articles
ketogenic diet wellness program

In Full

  • Full upfront payment


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ketogenic diet wellness program

Easy 3

  • 3 x monthly instalments

$797 / month

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Questions you might have before joining us

This is highly individualised support, taking into consideration the full spectrum of your health, lifestyle, and goals. All consultations and sessions are one-on-one.

We are interested in your health and well-being as a whole person, not just short-term weight loss. That said, a low carb diet can be very useful for long-term weight loss.

Medicare rebates are available for 12 week program in-person Doctor consultations. No rebates are available for Doctor tele-health consultations, unless you've had an in-person appointment in the preceeding 12 months to your tele-health consultation. Additional Rebates are available for Dietitian consultations if you have suitable Extras cover or you have an approved GP Management Plan and Team Care Arrangement in place.

Yes! You can choose to pay in 3 monthly instalments or pay in full. Easy3 payment instalments are managed via a secure Stripe payment system and, are processed automatically each month to your nominated credit card. The Easy3 payment option does include the on charge of Stripe processing fee.

There are no additional costs, unless you decide you want to pay for monitoring equipment or products outside of the program inclusions. The cost of this program does not include the cost of food or testing beyond what is listed in the inclusions. Following completion of the 3-month program, we offer an ongoing monthly support package, if you feel this is necessary for you. Ongoing support is optional and your choice.

This program offers 12 weeks of all-inclusive support, monitoring and testing, along with health coaching to ensure lasting change, for $2,357. It's amazing value when you consider the medical care and dedicated treatment you’ll get access to.

This program is so much more than a diet. This is about us getting a full picture of your health, developing a personalised lifestyle and nutrition management plan, and helping you embed behaviour modifications that set you up for lasting change - all under the watchful eye of a Doctor. The fusion of our collaborative Doctor, Dietitian and Health Coach support, together with our collective expertise, is what makes this program different to anything you’ve tried before.

We happily offer our 3-month Life + Wellness program as a complete virtual program (via telehealth) or, as a hybrid program (via a mix of consults in person at our Belair clinic and telehealth). Body composition scans won't be possible if you choose the telehealth program option however in lieu you will receive a LCKH electrolytes starter pack. The full program price is applicable, regardless of which consultation approach you choose.