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With an experienced team of healthcare professionals by your side, you can take back control of your health and live a healthier, longer life without medication. We're inspired by your success.

Meet your healthcare team.

Our diverse healthcare team has extenstive experience helping clients manage chronic health conditions through lifestyle medicine. They are well equipped to walk alongside you through your journey as each of them use low carb nutrition in their personal lives too.

Low Carb Keto Health diet doctor keto Dr. Laureen Lawlor-Smith

Dr Laureen Lawlor-Smith


Laureen Lawlor-Smith has been a doctor since 1982. She has owned and managed her own General Practices in Adelaide’s southern suburbs for much of her career. She is passionate about helping people change their lives and improve their health through lifestyle medicine.

Laureen has been using a low carbohydrate/ketogenic approach for years and has experienced both personally and professionally the dramatic health transformation this dietary change can produce.

Low Carb Keto Health Dietitian Nicole Moore

Nicole Moore


Nicole has been an Accredited Practising Dietitian (APD) for 20+ year. She is a Low Carb Specialist helping people to manage chronic disease and improve their general health and well being through nutritional therapy. She also coaches, trains and mentors dietitians nationally and regularly presents to GP groups and the general public about the benefits of low carb nutrition and how to practically achieve this lifestyle.

Nicole has first hand experience living the low carb lifestyle. She discovered the benefits of it for herself over ten years and continues to live the low carb life today.

Low Carb Keto Health Life Coach Jody Bund

Jody Bund


Jody is a Certified Coach and holds a bachelor’s degree in Commerce, as well as qualifications in Practice Management and Governance. With a love for the business of healthcare, Jody has 20+ years consulting in the private practice sector within Australia and thrives on identifying and leading the implementation of strategy and new business development initiatives.

Jody also has a passion for supporting individuals achieve personal success through coaching. As a PREKURE Certified Health Coach, and adopting the NLI's brain-based coaching methodology, Jody empowers clients to implement change in their life and health through goal setting, accountabilty, navigating life change and, maintaining forward focussed action.

Jody fully understands the power of lifestyle medicine and has been on her own low carb journey since 2019.

Low Carb Keto Health Coordinator and Health Coach Kristy McQueen

Kirsty McQueen


Kirsty has over 25 years experience successfully managing general practice and specialist medical clinics in Adelaide. She holds qualifications in practice management, has completed study with The Nutrition Academy and is a PREKURE Certified Health Coach.

She is passionate about real food, lifestyle medicine, mindset management and believes we should all be able to age well and live our best lives. Kirsty has been on her own low carb journey since 2016 and actively practices yoga, mindfulness, breathwork and loves being out in nature.

Kirsty recognises behavioural change is hard and loves to meet people where they are at to support them in their personal journey towards positive and meaningful change in their lives.

Low Carb Keto Health virtual medical administrator Robyn Cruickshank

Robyn Cruickshank


Robyn has over 15+ experience in managerial roles within healthcare and, provides high-quality virtual medical administration support across the Low Carb Keto Health clinic operations.

She is an Accredited Mindfulness and Meditation Coach, a Certified PREKURE Health Coach and, her day to day life encompasses all things health and wellness.

Robyn is a mum to 4 adult children, has 8 grandchildren and in her spare time loves exercising, cooking, writing, being in nature or, travelling in a van. Robyn is currently studying to become a Certified Health Coach and has a love for continuous learning and personal growth.

Low Carb Keto Health Digital Marketer Courtney Kynaston

Courtney Kynaston


Courtney has 15+ years of experience in digital marketing, with a real passion for writing and a creative eye that fuels her love for crafting blogs, social media captions, and designing eye-catching graphics.

Her forte is keeping our Low Carb Keto Health digital platforms fresh and engaging. Crafting newsletters and providing detailed analytics reports are other areas where she shines.

In her free time, Courtney plays ice hockey and provides digital marketing support to her local teams and clubs. She is also an avid black cat lover and loves working with clients who help people make their lives better and healthier.

Lifestyle medicine and dietary changes can be life changing for people suffering from chronic health conditions.

Dr. Laureen Lawlor-Smith

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