The New Generation of Body Composition Analysis

Gain a better understanding of your body and find the right path to a healthier you with a body composition analysis.

When we embark on a health journey, we often measure our success based on weight loss. Whilst weight goals can be a strong motivator for many, there are other key markers that are essential in managing your overall health. Body composition analysis provides important insights about your unique body makeup, enabling us to tailor a plan that helps you achieve your health goals.

If you’re suffering from a chronic health condition or you simply want to experience better health, our body composition analysis services will provide you with a deeper understanding of your body and help you determine a pathway to your health goals.

At Low Carb Keto Health we use a state of the art body scanner to analyse your body composition. It is quick, simple and non-invasive, as easy as stepping onto the bathroom scales, but it delivers much greater insights. Our experienced clinician will guide you through the process, interpret your results and explain the markers that are relevant to you based on your health goals.

Our goal is to ensure you have the knowledge that motivates you to make lifestyle changes to achieve your long-term health goals.

Body composition analysis machine Adelaide

What is body composition analysis?

Body composition analysis describes what the body is made up of, differentiating between fat, bone, water and muscle. Rather than just a number of kilograms to describe your body, body composition analysis tells us what each kilogram is made up of. It provides crucial information about your overall health that enables you to set specific goals to achieve your health outcomes and measure your progress more accurately.

Body composition analysis describes your weight more accurately and provides a better insight into your overall health than traditional methods. It explains how two people can weigh the same but look completely different. Or how your weight may not change on the scales, even if you can see changes in your body.

Our state of the art bio-impedance analysis technology enables us to identify specific strategies and therapies to improve your overall health and wellness for the long term.

How does bio-impedance technology work?

Body scan adelaide - composition analysis bio-impedance

A bio-impedance analysis (BIA) determines your body composition, including muscle mass, fat mass, and other parameters. This type of analysis is helpful to support diagnosis and therapies for chronic health conditions, as it provides valuable insights that go far beyond weight alone.

During a bio-impedance analysis, you stand on a body scanner that passes a weak electrical current through your body. The electrical current measures the resistance of different tissues within the body, differentiating between muscle, fat, bone and water content. To ensure the most accurate results, parameters such as your height and weight are also taken into account.

Our BIA Services

Body Composition Analysis is a fast, non-invasive total body scan. It allows us to quickly and accurately assess the need for preventative or therapeutic treatment for those suffering from the following chronic health conditions:

Or those with the following health and lifestyle goals:

When you undergo a body composition analysis at Low Carb Keto Health, we analyse key health markers, including:

Visceral Adipose Tissue

It is not fat mass alone but the distribution of adipose tissue which plays an important role in assessing the risk of diabetes or cardiovascular disease. The visceral fatty tissue surrounding the abdominal organs has a significant influence on the body’s resistance to insulin and, therefore, the development of diabetes. A high level of visceral adipose tissue is a risk factor and should be as low as possible.

Skeletal Muscle Mass

The skeletal muscles are the muscles that are used actively to move the body. Skeletal muscle mass expressed in kilograms is the weight of all skeletal muscles in the arms, legs and torso. This allows us to define the ratio of fat to muscle and helps us understand if a person has too little muscle for their gender, weight, height and age. We lose muscle mass as we age, so the aim is to maintain muscle mass.

Fat Mass Percentage

This measurement indicates the proportion of fat mass that makes up total body weight. Fat mass needs to be considered in addition to muscle mass. The normal values of percentage-based fat mass are based on BMI, as fat mass, not weight, is the risk factor for diabetes or cardiovascular disease. Combining this with the visceral adipose tissue result allows for a risk assessment to be performed.

Body Composition Analysis is a fast, non-invasive total body scan.

What to expect

How do I prepare for my body composition analysis scan?

Preparation for the LCKH body composition analysis is very simple:

Please note we are unable to carry out this test if you have a pacemaker

Body composition Adealide  - analysis results

Your BIA appointment

You body composition analysis appointment includes

*no specific medical or nutritional advice is provided within this consultation. You can make follow-up appointments with the Low Carb Keto Health Doctor or Dietitian for specific advice.

When you arrive at our clinic, one of our trained body composition analysis technicians will accompany you to the consultation room and guide you through the process.

Once the analysis is complete, we will take a waist measurement, download your results and formulate a report. You can access this report anytime via the MyAnalytics portal. Finally, we’ll guide you through an interpretation of your results and discuss your health goals.

BIA Packages

Follow Up Medical or Dietetics Support Offer

Discussing your scan results and health goals with our doctor or dietitian can provide valuable information and additional support for your health journey.

We are pleased to offer a discounted fee of $200 to those who choose to book a Doctor or Dietitian consultation on the day of your single-session body composition scan.

Available rebates includes:

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the analysis take and when will I receive my results?

The scan will take 10 minutes and you will receive your report during the consultation afterwards.

Are there any food/water restrictions I should consider prior to the test?

You should not consume any food or water two hours before your scan.

What should I wear? Will I need to undress?

You will remain fully clothed during the scan except for your shoes and socks. You should dress in light, comfortable clothing for your appointment.

What’s the procedure?

When you arrive at our clinic, you will be taken through to the scanning room. We ask that you remove your shoes and socks and step onto teh scanner. Our technician will guide you through the process once you are on the SECA machine.

Once the analysis is complete, we will take a waist measurement, download your results and formulate a report. You can access this report anytime via MyAnalytics. Then, we will discuss your results and your health goals during the consultation.

Can I have a Seca scan if I have a Pacemaker?

No. Please consult with your Cardiologist for further advice.

Can I have a Seca scan if I have metal plates or hearing aids?

Yes, it won’t affect the results.

Have More Questions?

Please contact our team at or on 08 8463 0608 to have your questions answered.